Professional Electrical Wiring Installation in Northern Virginia

Call in the Professionals for Electrical Wiring Installation in Northern Virginia

If the wiring in your home is old, this isn’t a problem which can be safely ignored – bad wiring can be a fire hazard, endangering everyone in the house!  After all, even well-installed wiring will degrade over time.  Also, many older electrical systems simply aren’t designed to handle the high load which our modern device-driven homes demand.

In any case, the remedy is to have electrical wiring installation done by trained professionals who know what they’re doing, like the team from RD Matthews Electrical.  Electrical wiring installation is not a DIY project!  It can be extremely dangerous and must be conducted by professionals with the proper experience and equipment.

When you hire pros to handle your electrical wiring installation, you get…


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Guaranteed Code Compliance

In most areas, when a building has major electrical installation done, it needs to be re-certified by the city or county.  Amateur electricians rarely know the specifics of their local code, and a poor installation could potentially mean having the house declared unfit for habitation.  When you hire professional electricians, who specialize in electrical wiring installation, you can feel certain their work will be up-to-code.

Fully-Warrantied Work

What if something happens to go wrong later on down the line?  High-quality electrical wiring installation contractors in Northern Virginia will stand by their work with real warranty guarantees.  When your entire property could be threatened by an electrical fire, you need that extra level of protection to ensure the job is done right.

Improved Resell Potential

Whenever a building is going up for sale, you can be certain that potential buyers will want the electrical system checked out.  If the wiring is old or not up to code, that will be a red flag – a potential deal-breaker. However, professional electrical wiring installation in Northern Virginia that’s capable of handling the demands of modern appliances will increase the home’s chances of selling.

RD Matthews Electrical Knows Northern Virginia’s Electrical Wiring Systems

We specialize in electrical wiring installation and other home electrical upgrades in Northern Virginia, with a long history of successful projects.  Contact us online or call (540) 840-2933 to request wiring installation service today!