Frequently Asked Questions

You will find answers to some of the most common electrical services related questions located here.

Do you install smart switches?

Yes, we install smart switches.  You may let us know which brand of smart switch you would like installed or you may purchase the switches yourself.   There will be a small upcharge per unit if RD Matthews Electrical purchases the devices.  You can save money by purchasing in bulk and having all of your switches changed on the same visit.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, RD Matthews Electrical is fully licensed and insured.   We hold a Master’s electrical license, plus state contractor’s licensure.   We are fully insured for liability, workman’s comp and auto.   Each electrician in our company is fully covered.

Do you do panel upgrades or add subpanels?

Yes, we do residential panel upgrades and install subpanels.   Our electricians will perform an evaluation of your power requirements to confirm if an upgrade is the best option.   Surprisingly, you sometimes do not need an upgrade or additional subpanel.   RD Matthews Electricical is not looking for a “big ticket” item, but rather a satisfied customer who will call us back for other projects in the future.

Do you work on commercial buildings, such as restaurants or offices?

While our electrical training and licensure will allow us to work on commercial spaces, we choose to focus on residential wiring.  Occasionally, we will accept a small commercial job, but house wiring is our forte.

Is there a difference in meter bases?

Yes, There are three types. Overhead only, Underground only, and Overhead/Underground combination bases. However, combination boxes are not recommended for Underground installations because of their limited wire space.

Do you install recess lights?

Yes, we offer recess lighting installation.   You may indicate what brand you would like installed, but do not purchase your fixtures until you speak with us.  Some brands are for new construction only, while others are not intended for remodeling work.   We can provide a list of good choices for interior recess lighting so you can determine style, model and price.

Can permanent service be installed if the house has had a rough in inspection?

No, we will not set a meter without a final inspection or in some instances a non occupancy permit shall be allowed from the local electrical inspector.

What about outdoor lighting?

We offer flood light installation and post light replacement.  We can also change out or install regular voltage lighting on your home.  Low voltage lighting, such as path or garden lighting, is better installed by the homeowner, a low voltage specialty company or a handyman.