Ceiling Fan Installation in Northern VA

Top Quality Ceiling Fan Installation Services in Northern Virginia

If you’re looking for an inexpensive and easy way to reduce your home’s A/C and heating bills, there may not be a better option than a ceiling fan installation service. Ceiling fans continue to be highly popular here in Northern Virginia, and around the country, due to their ease of use and their extremely low power demands.

Even if your home has an HVAC system, a few ceiling fans could drastically lower your reliance on them – resulting in lowering your electric bills!

Hall installed with ceiling fan and lights

Ceiling Fans Improve Air Circulation Year-Round

In many homes, it’s easy for the airflow to become stagnant, with pockets of air getting trapped in one area.  These pockets will tend to become warmer or cooler, depending on the outside temperatures, throwing off the temperature within a house.  Ceiling fans keep the air moving and prevent rooms from getting unnecessarily warm or cold.

Since you can change the direction of the fan blades’ rotation, this works just as well in the summer as it does in the winter.  In the summer, you can disperse the hot air, while in the winter, you can push heat down from the ceiling and into the rest of the room.

It’s a year-round improvement to your home’s air conditioning.

Hire Experienced Pros to Work on Your Electrical System

It might be tempting to attempt a ceiling fan installation as a DIY project, but that is rarely a good idea.  Any home improvements which require tampering with your electrical system are inherently very dangerous!  Moreover, it is rare for homeowners to do such upgrades while remaining within their local electrical regulations.

This might not present a problem at first, but it could mean big problems if you ever try to sell the home and it turns out the wiring isn’t up to code.  When working with electrical systems, it’s always best to call in the pros from RD Matthews Electrical for ceiling fan installation service.

RD Matthews Electrical Has A History of Excellence Serving Northern Virginia

We have years of experience in ceiling fan installation service, as well as other home wiring and electrical upgrades.  If you want to improve your home’s airflow quickly and easily, give us a call at (540) 840-2933 or contact us online to request a ceiling fan installation service today!