A Winter Home Electrical Safety Guide for Northern Virginia Residents

Our Northern Virginia electrical repairteam at RD Matthews Electrical Contracting has prepared some winter electrical safety tips and advice to help you get through the cold months. Here are four things to remember during the winter season that can keep your home and family safe. Power Outages Depending on the region you are located in, […]

How to Find the Right Residential Electrician in Northern Virginia

Are you looking for a residential electrician in Northern Virginia? Here are some tips from our team at RD Matthews Electrical Contracting that will help you find the right electrician for your needs. Talk to Neighbors & Friends Many homeowners, at one point or another, may have had to call upon a residential electrician in […]

Electrical Service Contractors Explain Why Your Lights Are Flickering

Flickering lights is one of the most common reasons why homeowners call an electrical service work provider—they’re not only highly annoying but disruptive to your home environment. Luckily, the electrical construction contractors at RD Matthews Electrical in Northern Virginia have put together some commonly asked questions regarding flickering lights, allowing you to figure out the […]

Your Guide to Baby Proofing Your Home from Northern Virginia’s Residential Electrical Contractors

Residential electrical systems pose a serious threat to children if not maintained properly, because electrical outlets, power strips, extension cords, and appliances are all potentially hazardous to your kids. To help protect your little ones from electrical shock or fire hazards, the residential electrical contractors at RD Matthews Electrical in Northern Virginia have compiled their […]

10 Tips to Find the Best Electrician in Northern Virginia

Whether you are looking for an electrical construction contractor to assist in building a new luxury home, or you have an existing electrical system that needs repair, there are several electrical contracting services to choose from in Northern Virginia. Unfortunately, not all electricians provide the same level of service or have the right qualifications for […]

Eight Things to Consider Before Installing a Smart Light Switch

Smart light switches give homeowners better control and remote access to their lighting system, help save on energy bills, allow for home automation, and provide many other great benefits. However, homeowners often make the mistake of installing smart light switches on their own without the proper knowledge to successfully set up a network of electrical […]

A Guide to Finding the Right Kitchen Lighting

Whether you are remodeling your kitchen or looking for a simple way to upgrade it, lighting can play a big role in how it looks and feels. So, before you reach out to our residential electricians in Northern Virginia, here are a few tips that can give you a better idea of what you may […]

Getting Rid of CFL Bulbs the Right Way

With technology bringing more and more advancement to electronics, it should be no surprise that this also applies to residential lighting. CFL (compact fluorescent light) was once the go-to in home lighting, but with the introduction of LED bulbs, many homeowners are making the switch. What is important to remember is that CFL bulbs have […]

The Most Important Deciding Factors When Choosing Electrical Construction Contractors in Northern Virginia

If you are planning on building a new custom home in Northern Virginia, choosing the right electrical construction contractor will be critical.  Electrical systems aren’t easy to get right, and if anything is faulty at the time of installation, you could have electrical problems for years to come.  Most importantly, you might not able to pass […]

5 Ways to Add Value to Your Home with The Help of a Residential Electrician

Getting creative with the electrical components of your home is a great way to transform your space. At RD Matthews Electrical, our residential electricians offer a number of exciting services for Northern Virginia homeowners to choose from. Continue reading to learn five great ways to upgrade your home with our electrical services! 5 Ways That […]