What You Can Do to Prevent an Electrical Fire

Electrical fires have devastated countless families over the years, causing people to lose their homes. When it comes to running a household, knowledge is power, which is why it is important to know an electrical fire hazard when you see one. By using a few simple prevention tactics, you will be at a much lower […]

Important Factors to Consider When Choosing EV Charging Installation Services

Unless you’re a DIY expert or electrical professional yourself, the idea of installing your own electric car charging station likely seems like a daunting task. Thankfully, there are many professional electricians out there, RD Matthews Electrical Contracting included, that offer affordable EV charging installation services. However, if you’ve never shopped around for an installation team […]

Does Your House Need Electrical Repairs or Upgrades?

Like every other part of a house, your electrical system won’t last forever; your wiring and other electrical systems will degrade over time. Also, you may end up having needs beyond what the house was originally designed for. In either case, when you need electrical work done, you want to call in highly qualified northern Virginia electrical […]

Key Steps to Become a Certified Electrician in Northern Virginia

If you have ever owned or rented a property, you have probably called an electrician for help at some point in your life. Now more than ever, electricity is crucial to nearly everything we do. From kitchen appliances to wi-fi routers, we need trained professionals in the field to ensure our lives run smoothly. Furthermore, […]

Why You Want to Hire Professional Residential Electrical Contractors in Northern Virginia

There are many types of home improvement that a typical person can do for themselves with a little time and effort – but electrical work is not one of them.  If your house needs rewiring or other electrical upgrades, you definitely want to hire residential electrical contractors in northern Virginia rather than trying to DIY it. So […]

Different Types of Electricians in Northern Virginia

These days, with so many different types of technology and tools out there, there are a variety of different types of electricians that work in specialized areas. Of course, generally speaking, an electrician in Northern Virginia is someone that specializes in the maintenance, repair, design, and installation of power systems. However, such areas of expertise […]

How Electrical Contractors in Northern VA can Help Seniors Age in Place

These days, people are living longer than ever before thanks to advances in medicine and greater access to quality healthcare. This has caused many people to reassess their retirement plans and choose to age comfortably at home, rather than joining a retirement community or aging in a nursing home. With new technology, seniors can now […]

Tips for Finding the Best Residential Electrician in Northern Virginia

These days, with so many electrical contractors in the Northern Virginia area, finding one that meets your needs and offers great customer care is often easier said than done. That’s why it helps being armed with some tips for your search. RD Matthews Electrical Contracting is here to make things easier on you. Below you’ll […]

A Winter Home Electrical Safety Guide for Northern Virginia Residents

Our Northern Virginia electrical repairteam at RD Matthews Electrical Contracting has prepared some winter electrical safety tips and advice to help you get through the cold months. Here are four things to remember during the winter season that can keep your home and family safe. Power Outages Depending on the region you are located in, […]

How to Find the Right Residential Electrician in Northern Virginia

Are you looking for a residential electrician in Northern Virginia? Here are some tips from our team at RD Matthews Electrical Contracting that will help you find the right electrician for your needs. Talk to Neighbors & Friends Many homeowners, at one point or another, may have had to call upon a residential electrician in […]