Smart Light Switch In Northern Virginia

Are you looking for a great home improvement project in Northern Virginia which will pay off with higher resale value in the future, while improving your life in the meantime?  Smart switch installation in Northern Virginia might be exactly what you’re looking for!  Smart switches work in conjunction with your smartphone, and other devices, giving you a new level of control over your home’s electrical system.

Here’s the breakdown…

Woman with a tablet testing smart light

How Smart Switches Make Home Management Easier

Smart switches are devices that go in between a wall outlet and the device(s) being plugged into that outlet. When smart switch installation is done by trained professionals, this is a quick and easy upgrade that brings a lot of benefits.  Once you have smart switches installed, you can:

Turn Devices
Turn devices on and off from anywhere, with a touch of your smartphone.
Energy Usage
Directly monitor the energy usage of every plug in your household and track that usage over time.
Home Automation
Set up home automation, such as automatically turning off the lights or the A/C when you're at work.
Reduce Energy Drain
Reduce energy drain from ``vampire`` devices that consume power, even when supposedly powered off.
Manage Children's Devices
Manage your children's screen time by taking control of the power to their devices.
Remote Control
Remotely start or end tasks, such as turning on an oven to start preheating before you get home.

RD Matthews Electrical Has A History of Excellence Serving Northern Virginia

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