Electrical Wiring Repair Service in Northern Virginia

Trust RD Matthews Electrical for Your Electrical Wiring Repair Service and Upgrades in Northern Virginia

Is it time for a round of electrical repair services or upgrades in your home?  If so, you don’t want to wait – an old or over-burdened electrical system is a significant fire hazard!  Some common signs of an electrical system in need of repair services include:

  • The circuit breaker frequently trips, or fuses blow.
  • Lights or other devices dim when new equipment is plugged in.
  • An electrical panel that feels excessively hot to the touch.
  • You are constantly having to use ever-larger power strips, all pulling from a handful of wall outlets.
  • Your house still has two-prong outlets, rather than grounded three-prong outlets.

With so many old buildings in Northern Virginia, these sorts of issues are common.  You will want genuine professionals handling your electrical repair service, and you get that with RD Matthews Electrical Contracting!

Hall installed with ceiling lights

Years of Experience, Backed by Warranty

Whether you merely want to repair your electrical system so it’s up-to-code again, or you’re looking to install additional electrical upgrades such as new lighting or smart switchesRD Matthews Electrical has the electrical repair service experience you’re looking for.

We stand by our work, offering a full warranty on all the physical work we do. When you call our electricians in Northern, VA, to work on your home, you can feel secure knowing your wiring is in good hands.

Electrical repair service and improvements in Northern Virginia aren’t merely a good idea from a health and safety perspective – they improve the value of your property!  Modern electrical fixtures are far more energy-efficient than those installed in past decades, so that pays off in both lower electrical bills and better resale values.

Better electrical wiring also helps make sure you can safely install the latest in appliances and equipment.  Older electrical systems have a hard time keeping up with modern demands, but we can help you fully modernize your environment.

RD Matthews Electrical Proudly Offers Electrical Repair Service in Northern Virginia

We have an extensive list of successful projects under our belt and happy property owners who are entirely satisfied with our service.  For top-quality electrical repair service in Northern Virginia, give us a call at (540) 840-2933 or contact us online to request service today!